“Blütenkraft” in German means “The power of blossoms”. And so it is not a surprise, that blossoms are the heroes in the haircare series “Blütenkraft” under private label “Isana” by German retailer Rossmann.

Natural power for healthy hair, attention for sustainability of the packaging and a caring experience for the consumer go hand in hand.

The packaging design is directly inspired by the power of blossoms and reflects a dramatic approach of depicting a mysterious and heroic close-up from the blossom against a black background. The colour of the blossoms connects with the bright colour of the bottles, enhancing their power and beauty.

The typography of the product name is playful yet caring. It’s like a signature confirming the ability to heal and care. The colour gold in Isana’s logo and the 3 different product lines, give elegance and premiumness to the range. 

This range is plant-based, free of silicones, parabens and artificial colorations and 90% of all ingredients are of a natural source. However, the design concentrates on the powerful care-experience, the customer is going to have while using these products with selected ingredients. The blossom is the hero, yet the customer is the direct recipient of its individual power.

The products are available at Rossmann stores throughout Germany.

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