Derlon for Superunie

Derlon is the private label for personal care products by Superunie. The old Derlon was designed to create unison and recognisability on the shelf. Eventually, the range was perceived as not sufficiently high quality. It was also not suitable for the way consumers are actually looking for their personal care products and did not match their expectations as to the qualities of the different categories.


Derlon Conditioner2
Derlon Hand Creme

The restyle of the range should upgrade the quality perception as well as enhance the trustworthiness of the products. The aim was a stretching of the design grid in order to cover the different design languages, yet to keep the entire range connected and recognizable.  

The new design is category driven. It opened up the grid so that within each category, its own individual design-language can be used to communicate quality and care: whether it’s emotional (douchegel), functional (deodorant) and/or caring (handcream). The private label still functions as a whole thanks to the logo of Derlon that acts as a linking device.

Derlon Landscape

The result is a Personal care range that has a shining presence on the shelf, helps the customer navigate within and appears caring and qualitative.