Free for Rewe

Your choice in a health conscious world. Penny International's goal is to become the first mover in the discount health food segment. They asked us to create a brandname, a logo and packaging design that meets today's health cues and make the retailer private label portfolio fit for the future. Hence more taste appeal and brighter colors. The logo and design should attract on one hand consumer that suffer from a lactose or/and gluten intolerance, and on the other hand health couscous consumer who personally decided to give up on gluten and lactose. 

The brand name is a clear describing name and has a positive link to freedom. In combination with the specific benefits, it easily enables the consumer to make their personal choice. The banner idea is historically used to communicate authority. By making it organically shaped and dynamic it becomes contemporary and optimistic. The logo is flexible to add multiple claims without becoming unbalanced. The strong shape works as a linking pin over all categories making it easy to navigate for the target group in different categories. 

Free Produkten 02
Free visual 3