Goedhart burger buns

It used to be a quick bite, nowadays you can take all the time for burgers, and prepare them with luxurious and fresh ingredients. The range of burgers, both meat and vegetarian, has followed this trend and has been expanded and upgraded enormously. However, the choice of hamburger buns has lagged behind. It is still often the basic sandwiches that are used.

Our customer Goedhart, a baker since 1895, saw his opportunity to expand his range with more luxurious hamburger buns. Fresh and bigger, including a variant with roasted sesame seeds.

The target audience is broad and consists largely of basic buyers who should be tempted to try a more luxurious hamburger bun for their perfect burger.

We made a special design for this special bun. The bold illustration style emphasizes the freshly crafted character of the bun. And the used colors confirm the premiumness. On the side there’s a preparation tip for a crispy grill flavour.

A design to take all the time for, just like the burgers themselves

Goedhart BurgerBuns visual 02