SPAR reusable water bottle

A better world in which people and nature can live on sustainably. That is where our client SPAR takes steps every day. They make a difference with both local and national initiatives and hope to inspire employees and customers with simple tips to make a difference themselves.

One of those initiatives is the collaboration with Join the Pipe. They are the first network dedicated to the fair distribution of drinking water worldwide and tackle plastic soup at the source.

Together they developed a reusable SPAR water bottle to reduce the use of plastic disposable bottles.

The bottle is made from a residual product from sugar cane production, a sustainable alternative to plastic produced from oil. The bottle is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

The design links SPAR to Join the Pipe's goal ‘clean drinking water from the tap in the whole world’. The embossing depicts water circles that also form a globe around the SPAR tree to emphasize the social aspect. After removing the foil with explanation and SPAR branding, you are the proud owner of a stylish white bottle that makes the world a better place.

bottles 01