Experimental beer-brewing is no longer something from a dodgy hipster backyard but has found its way in our everyday life through different commercial channels.

The story goes that two employees of convenience supermarket SPAR in NL started brewing beer with pine needles as a special ingredient because the pinetree is the symbol of SPAR. The beer became a hit and SPAR started selling this beer under their own brand.

SPAR Bier animatie klein 500x500

SPAR is a grocery store with tradition and has a history of being THE neighbourhood shop that sells local products. The design concept is based on the given, since 1932 SPAR is the grocer that brings you craft beer.

The design language is clean, fresh and modern with the pine tree in the background which is the iconic symbol from SPAR and timely illustrations that depict different means of authentic grocery delivery methods by SPAR.

A craft beer that combines private label and authenticity is the result.

And FYI it does taste good as well!

SPAR bier wipa2
SPAR bier tripel2