SPAR Chip & Dip

SPAR is the convenience store in the Netherlands with key values in freshness, choice, quality and service.

Holland is well known for their happy-hours that can occur at any given moment. 

With their new product Chip & Dip, SPAR provides the ultimate snack-experience. Trendy craft crisps ‘patatas fritas’ combined with matching dips, because dipping means sharing! And that leads to “gezelligheid”.

SPAR ChipDip animatie v2 500x500px2

The design for crisps and dips, both in two flavors needed to communicate the authentic Spanish ingredients and flavors in a trendy snacky way. The private label grid of SPAR is combined with an eye-catchy Andalucian tile illustration. The result is a decorative combo that enhances any kind of snack moment. The connection between chips and dips is visually strong and the consumer will buy both as a result.

SPAR helps you to make your happy-hour moment special in an easy way!

Chip Dip LR