Let the brand talk!

All disciplines should speak the same language. Our vision? Clearness! In communication and in packaging design. The clearer the message, the more consumers will understand what it’s about. Walking through the supermarket or at home at the breakfast table.


From the need to express ideas and share passion, the founders decided to create a new institute: a specialized retail agency. A design agency with one outstanding feature: an almost idiotic
interest in retail. With an urge to explore and find solutions that’ll
make the heart pound a little faster. Fresh design and communication, made with experience from years
back in retail (Ahold, AS Watson).
After bundling visions, skills and passion ‘love child’ Yellow Dress
Retail was born in 2009.

Not just a pretty picture, strategic design can really bring a brand to life. We go for a strong identity for that ‘not to be missed’ look and feel. The brand becomes known, sympathetic and ‘touchable’ to its target group. More likely to remain top of mind.



Yellow Dress Retail design agency in IndiaOUR STUDIO IN CHENNAI, INDIA
Today, retailers expand beyond country borders. For fast and efficient production, we rely on the skills of driven Indian designers. We work together as one, teaching them the international retail design process. The results are impressive: a fully equipped design studio in India makes it possible to service our clients better. For our Indian co-workers this interesting job also means a better future. It works well and feels good, India is just the first step.