Escaped from space

The Fine Life Kids concept is about cheeky monsters who escaped from space and are searching for the goodies the world has to offer.

Metro Cash & Carry International
Fine Life


Fine Life is the international private label in the food category from the worldwide brand Metro Cash & Carry International. Recently a new subbrand especially geared towards kids was born. Great food, tasty candy, nice beverages, nothing is safe from them. Each monster has its own favorite. ‘Dora Dairy’ can’t do without milk, ‘Cris Crusty’ loves all the delicious cookies and ‘Pete Pretty’ can always be found near the shampoo. They collect the products to take with them in their FLK Monster Jet. The design of the packaging aims to be appealing for kids. The monsters offer kids not only a tasty product but also lots of fun. To emphasize that the products are a smart choice for parents, ‘Prof. Smart’ is found on each pack to explain the products’ special benefits.

The challenge was to create a strong, playful grid that offers the possibility to introduce both food and non-food products and could be employed in various countries all over the world. The original Fine Life banner remains the key pillar in the design, contains the product name and it can be adapted to different category colors and codes. A strong and illustrative background invites both parents and kids into the world of Fine Life. Its clear and consistent look and feel is clearly recognizable on shelf. The next step was to create illustrations suiting the different product categories like sweets, juices, dairy etc.

Yellow Dress developed a manual and a broad set of backgrounds, monsters and props to work with. This toolbox makes the concept suitable for international packaging in all different sizes.

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