Mine, mine, mine!

Hands Off My Chocolate is the challenger of the chocolate category and wants to break with the current design codes in the chocolate world.

Hands off my chocolate

Corporate Identity

The brand owners created an opportunity in creating a better chocolate bar! Easy to break without having bits and pieces everywhere. The goal is to make new products that chocolate lovers will love. For an optimum mouth feeling the chocolate pieces are round instead of the usual square. On top of that, you can also enjoy unique flavours like ‘white meets milk’ and ‘melting milk’.

In this social media-driven society design can be a major driver for the new brand. We believe that everyone needs more moments of pleasure just for themselves. This chocolate bar is too delicious to share with anyone else but you. This is shown by 5 different characters who scream ‘Hands off!’. Each piece of chocolate has the word ‘mine’ written on it. Get your own chocolate now at Schiphol airport and all AH stores.

Hands off my chocolate

Collect them all!

To find a name for the brand is one thing, to make it visual is a whole other story. The wordmark is the visual translation of the brand that should blend in with the story.
The characters are leading in the chocolate story and the wordmark suits the refinement
as well as the cheekiness of the illustrations.
At the ‘Hands off my chocolate’ website you can meet all the chocolate lover-characters and find the best places to hide your chocolate. To maintain the identity of the brand we have developed a website that suits the identity as a whole.