Loe Limpens contributes to the book Managing Private Labels

Probably the most comprehensive publication on retailer brands to date.

International Private Label Consult


During the Private Label show MDD Expo in Paris, Koen de Jong presented on 31 March his new book Managing Private Labels. Previously, he wrote the books Private Labels in Europe (2007) and Private Label Uncovered (2011). Loe Limpens, Creative Strategy Director of Yellow Dress Retail, already contributed to Private Label Uncovered, and has now made a contribution to the new book as well in the form of the chapter Private Label Packaging Design.

In this chapter Loe Limpens discusses the evolution of private label packaging in more detail. A short summary:

‘Of all communication of a retailer to its customer, private label packaging is the most conspicuous. The design makes the retailer’s identity tangible and the retail brand visible for consumers. Not only on shelf in the store but also in their homes where private label products visualise the brand values and continue to communicate the retailer message. The packaging should clearly distinguish the various tiers in the private label architecture and support retailers in balancing the price and quality perception of consumers.’

Managing Private Labels

Managing Private Labels

Up to now Managing Private Labels was possibly the most comprehensive publication in the field of private labels. At the basis of this book are many years of experience in the international private label industry as well as extensive research. The book shares working knowledge which provides a better insight in leading a private label company in an extremely competitive market.

Particular attention is given to discount retailers and how full service supermarkets can counterbalance this phenomenon. Furthermore, the book discusses topics such as the improving of relationships between retailers and their suppliers, how brand manufacturers can protect themselves against the advance of private labels, the role of packaging design, and the impact of new technology.

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