An Upper-Crust Service

The best place for restaurants, hospitals and cafés to buy fresh foods? At Deli XL, they can find all they need to run their businesses, from fresh vegetables to meat and fish. And now they can also buy fresh bread from pedigree bakers that really care about the ingredients and recipes they use.

Deli XL



Based on the need to be an all-round supplier, and in order to distinguish in the bread and bakery sector with a fresh proposition, we have developed a new brand of bread products for Deli XL: Staetengoud. These products are baked using the best wheat and grains milled in authentic Dutch windmills; can you think of anything more typically Dutch than that? It is traditionally made and has excellent structure and taste; all elements that are expressed in the Staetengoud logo.

Staetengoud is proud of its high quality, but maintains a typically Dutch, no-nonsense approach. Staetengoud bread products are divided in three segments that reflect traditional Dutch values. For these segments (Alledaags (Everyday), Ambacht (Traditional) and Eerlijk (Honest), we have developed a single brand and trademark that can be translated to all means of communication. The use of bronze, silver and gold stickers represent the layered structure of the segments.

Once you have tasted our products, you will know that Staetengoud is a food service with an ingrained sense of tradition, taste and quality. In other words, an upper-crust service.