October 27, 2015

Hands Off My Award!

Winner German Design Award Special Mention.

Jawohl. Ein German Design Award Special Mention! One of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. Next to our ADCN and Pentaward, that’s one more beautiful award to put on our chimney. The lucky winner of course is Hands Off My Chocolate. This award tastes deliciously (just like the chocolate).

According to the international expert jury; Hands Off My Chocolate is a product for the real chocolate lover. The chocolate pieces are round for an optimal feeling in the mouth. The simple message is “This chocolate is so tasty that you don’t want to share it under any circumstances,” which is actually quite provocative in our social-media driven society. The shrill design with humorous illustrations balances this out playfully and allows the consumer to say “Hands off” with a wink. The five characters stand for the five varieties.

Read the jury article here

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