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Empowering its outspoken personality: Retail design

As true retail design buffs, we approach every brand individually and treat every brand’s personality as the beginning of a new life:

We embrace its identity and, strict but loving, we feed and build its character, until we find that unique appearance that does justice to its individuality. With extensive experience and exceptional care we then sharpen the look and feel, making retail design stand strong in the big consumer world. Empowering its outspoken personality as it grows.

We live and breathe retail design. Whether it’s packaging, communication, brand, identity, store or private label design.

Retail on a mission:
Loe Limpens’ strong vision of trends and future developments within the speed to market, is our backbone and influences our hands-on approach of creation. Eye for detail yet the big picture in mind, we engage in a workprocess that relates to our clients and to the language of consumers and the respective medium.

Marshall McLuhan stated in the 1960 that all media are “extensions” of our human senses, bodies and minds. With that in mind, we look at digital and online developments, store and shop interieurs, private label designs, single packaging solutions and brand identities and translate unique sensations into retail experiences.

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