The assignment was to create the identity of a craft beer shop physically based in Utrecht, but also accessible online with the given name “Bierwinkelier”. 
The design should reflect the brand values of the store: Personal, accessable, friendly, laid-back, but also a high level of expertise with a dash of cheekiness.


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“So many different kind of beers can be overwhelming: one is more special and artisanal than the next one. How can you express what you like and what to choose when you’re up for something new?” When you can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to craft beer, you should be reaching out to the “beer sommelier”! Enthusiastic and interested in your personal taste, he will show you around in the world of craft beer, full of stories of the ingredients, the makers and the area of productions.

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The name Bierwinkelier gets a dynamic typo with a handwritten appearance. The arms and hands are attached to the logo and enhance the human touch of the store and invite the customer to take a peek or even better a sip. The hands are visually connected to the brand and can be used without the name throughout the store or on online pages. For instance, they are handy to use to communicate the different kind of beers that can be purchased.

The owners of the Bierwinkelier have embraced the concept and the design resulted in a beautiful, light shop where beer is the hero.
At Bierwinkelier, the happy hour starts with the (s)hopping!