Spijked& from hard seltzer

Hard seltzer is a sparkling alcoholic water infused with low-calorie natural fruit flavourings. It is positioned for increasingly diet conscious millennials and, having taken over the US, hard seltzers have dropped anchor in Holland. Dutch Swinkels Brewery Family and Yellow Dress Retail musted up their creative courage and sea legs to develop SPIJKED&. 

Wind and water have been at the heart of Dutch living for centuries. This inspired our concept: open up the Dutch waters.

Spijked& creates a visual link of the ‘&’ logo with juicy hooked fruit. Just like Dutch sailors shared their stories through tattoo’s, spijked& shares it’s story with illustrations. The Delft Blue colour palette strengthen the Dutch visual heritage. Spijked& is available in Lemon, Cherry, Wild Berries and the first-of its-kind, Seaweed flavours. It’s time to open up your Dutch waters!

Fun fact
Did you know that Spijked& is more than just seltzer? For every can that is sold an A4 area of seaweed is planted to contribute to the restoration of the oceans.

Spijked line up 4

Spijked& from Hard Seltzer