Talking packaging design

From a straightforward showing what is in the product and explaining what the product does. Today we see brands sending positive messages that speak to people’s emotions and wellbeing.

The aim is to create a positive feeling. The packaging becomes something that people can identify with. Who am I, how do I perceive the world and how do I want the world to perceive me.

i m doing this for me2

Lovelife Bodyscrub: “I’m doing this for me”

The slogan “I’m doing this for me” speaks to people searching for empowerment.

stop the water2

“Stop the water while using me!”

Here, the brand itself is giving the consumer environmentally-aware advice.

So where did this new trend come from?

Why are brands speaking directly to people’s emotional states and sense of wellbeing? Let’s look at what’s going on in the world today, and at who today’s consumers are.

First of all, consumers are autonomous millennials who grew up in an age where they got to choose their own path. They are aware that they shape their own lives. Brands are tying into this mentality by presenting consumers with messages that tell them they’re making a positive choice.

Secondly, a recent Eventbrite research conducted by Harris Group showed that 72% of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences, not things. With this in mind, brands have to market their products as experiences in themselves. Purchasing, owning and using the products as part of the experience.

Finally, we’re living in a turbulent and unsettling world. With political turmoil and crises as well as the harsh reality of environmental issues, many people feel overwhelmed and helpless. They’re looking for ways to feel better about themselves and the world, and a lot of people search for this feeling of wellbeing through positive lifestyle choices. Letting a brand enhance your wellbeing while feeling like you’re making a good choice - a match made in heaven!